Monday, May 12, 2008


Q: Can you give me a rough estimate of the timeframe between submission and having a critique displayed on the website?

I'm trying to ascertain if the queries I sent were already considered for critique or if you have not gotten to them yet. I imagine you are bombarded, and I'm looking for a frame of reference.

A: No. I'm trying to keep this as low maintenance as possible. I pick queries at random, starting with the first ones that came in. I'm not logging entries, or keeping to a schedule.

You'll hear from me if your query gets posted. There are no guarantees it will.


JET said...

Makes sense. Thanks for the information. It is much appreciated.

R. Lyle Wolfe said...

Q: I am a taxpaying citizen. You owe me your job. Critique my query now!

A: I critique queries as a public service; however, I'm not a public servant.

Q: Why at random? That doesn't seem fair.

A: Oh my God! Would it be more fair if I used a separate email for you to send your queries?

Q: Yes

A: That was sarcasm, dumbass.

Q: You've posted my query . . . does that make you my agent?

A: No. It makes me gullible, sympathetic, and manic.

Q: If we meet, then I will hug you and tell you how much you inspire me. What will you do when we meet?

A: Mace and woshambu (sp)
your over-zealous ass.

Sarah said...

An rss feed for this site would be nice...

Janet Reid said...

Sarah, top right. Nice orange widget.

Thanks for the reminder!

writingspirit said...

Thanks- now I can obsess about query letters instead of obsessively checking your blog...Sarah

jeanoram said...

I know, I really want my query to be nibbled, consumed, regurgitated--the works. The fact that mine hasn't been chewed on keeps me coming back. Plus, the site is helpful.

If you want peer-to-helpless-peer feedback on your query, try the forums on Agent Query Connect. ( It is handy, although you don't get a dandy, smart agent giving you feedback on your query, which would be really, really, really nice to have.

Hint, hint. Wink, wink.
P.S. Just tell me where to send the box of shark snacks.

nightsmusic said...

I have a question, if you will.

Thanks to your suggestions and comments to others, which helped me write a much better query than I started with, I was asked to send the first 30 and a synop. This came via email and I have sent them but, since this is the first time I've been asked, should I email the agent in return and tell her I've sent them?

I honestly don't know what is appropriate. I did put Requested Materials Enclosed on the outside of the mailer, but don't want to offend.

Thanks again so much! Your help to others was priceless to me! :D

ICQB said...

Thanks for the time you put into knocking some sense into us, when instead you could be knocking back a fine scotch and getting your tootsies massaged.

beth said...

Hey, I'm just glad you're willing to give this thing a shot and help out us writers. I know I would learn tons if you critiqued mine, but I also know that I learn quite a bit from reading others, and I'm just grateful for the opportunity!

BuffySquirrel said...

FWIW, I don't think there's any need for you to email the agent, nightsmusic.

nightsmusic said...

Thank you, BuffySquirrel (love the name!)

I haven't been able to get an answer to that question, regardless who I ask. I appreciate your response. As it is, it's been two weeks now, which I know is no time at all in the publishing world but at this point, it would probably be moot to do so anyway.

Thanks again! :)


Dave Shaw said...

nightsmusic, it seems to me that proper protocol would be to wait a reasonable amount of time for the agent to respond (reasonable by the agent's standards, of course ;). If no response comes, wait a little longer, and then write to ask if the package ever arrived. Just don't rush it.

Rebecca said...

This may be a stupid question, but if we send a query to you for critique and haven't heard anything in, say, a month or two, would it be okay if we sent the same one again? I only ask b/c you say the selection is random.

Thanks! :)

Janet Reid said...

Please don't resend your query. If you got a receipt for it, I have it.
Sending it again just annoys the Shark.

Botanist said...

I just read the last comment about resending. Although my query has not been posted I am trying to learn and improve based on the comments I've read on this site.

I've cast a couple of heavily revised versions into the pond in the hope of getting a bite. Is that OK to do? I hope I haven't ticked off the Shark!

Janet Reid said...

If people have revised versions of their query, and it's not been posted, I've been replacing them. You MUST use the same email address; that's how I track entries.

The Shark wants the choicest bait so don't worry.