Sunday, August 10, 2008

A brief summer interlude of hilarity

Dear Query Shark,

Although tattoos have become a powerful cultural force, more popular than the iPod, Starbucks, and many would argue, William Shatner, its evolution is shrouded in myth, distortion, and innuendo.

TATOO: WAY MORE IMPORTANT THAN GLOBAL WARMING is a satirical examination of the history of the art of tattoo. Modestly researched and fully illustrated, the book debunks scientists' flimsy theories about its Paleolithic-era origins, casually dismisses claims of its existence in ancient Egypt, and relying on little more than hearsay, credits the invention of the small-of-the-back tattoo in 1976 to a redneck named Ricky White. From valuable advice on how to pick your first tattoo, the benefits of bypassing professional artists in favor of do-it-yourself tattoos, to choosing the right design before beginning a long prison sentence, TATTOO: WAY MORE IMPORTANT THAN GLOBAL WARMING sets the record straight.

The full manuscript is available upon request. Thanks so much for your time.

A key element of the satire is spelling tattoo wrong in the title of course.

I'd be leaping all over this if my colleague hadn't just sold a book on tattoos to Seal Press. You snooze, you're tattooed.



Just_Me said...

That could be funny.... maybe. It would depend on how the story actually worked out.

jeanoram said...

Sounds like my kind of a read. :)

C.J. Redwine said...


I love this one.

Jessica said...

Wow, really confused.
Where did # 64 go?