Sunday, March 24, 2013

Introducing the Sharkives--revised

The amazing Michale Lewis has uploaded all the QueryShark archives to my DropBox account in pdf format.

The Sharkives are the QueryShark Archives in ten separate documents. Rather than clicking back and forth to each new entry, you can just scroll.

I think it's a great new tool for reading the archives.

If you'd like to receive these archives, send me a link to your dropbox account and I'll upload them to you. send me your email address and I'll add you to the Dropbox folder so you can share it.

Please list the email address you want me to use in the body of the email.

Your message should read: Please send an invitation to the Sharkives to: (email)

If you don't know what DropBox is, here's their site. 

If you have questions/problems, post them in the comments column. We'll get an FAQ started.

In the meantime, three cheers for Michael!


Taymalin said...

Ok, I have a Dropbox account, but am hopelessly clueless. What link do we need to share?

Bonnie Shaljean said...

> "If you'd like to receive these archives, send me a link to your dropbox account and I'll upload them to you."

Before I email you (assume we use the new Gmail addy?), a question:

I have a Dropbox account, but the only link I can find is their main homepage one, which is what you've given already ( This doesn't change when I sign in, so I have no sort of personalised URL to send you. I'm afraid it's just going to land you on the sign-in page instead of my private one.

I looked in the Public folder, but same deal there (and it was empty). I'm sure you don't want to go through the palaver of individual Shared-Folder invites with everyone (though I'd be happy to), so can you tell us what info you need?

Or: Do you mean you've created a Shared Folder and we should just email you to get an invite? I'm kinda confused. I hope this isn't something obvious that, in my eagerness for the goodies, I've missed… but I'm danged if I can figure out what it is…

Huge bouquet of roses to Michale ! (George Chakiris ain't exactly chopped liver either)

Steve Buchheit said...

Here's another vote for using the Public Folder option on dropbox. It certainly would lessen the amount of work for you (upload once, share the public folder).

Tiana Smith said...

I'm having the same problem as the people above. I'm not sure what link to send you ... But I agree with Steve, it'd be a lot easier for you to probably put them in a public folder and share the link rather than emailing each of us individually.

. said...

I would be willing to host these files on my website

Unknown said...

Huge thanks for this - I'll email as soon as I figure out exactly what to send.

Janet Reid said...

Hi Everyone. This was a bit more complicated than I thought. Change of plans.

If you want access to a pdf of the archives, email me and I'll add your email address to the list of people who can access the folder.

Let's try that.

Austin said...

Long time lurker here, and long time nerd as well...which is why I'm commenting. Just thought I'd mention that with Dropbox you can share any file by creating a link for it. It's super easy.

1. Right click on the file in your Dropbox
2. Select Dropbox in the menu and then pick "Share Link"
3. The file will pop up in a page in your web browser with a link. It will look like this (that's just a doodle I did of Dr. Mario the other day, I know, random).

Anyone can use that link to download your file. No Dropbox membership required!

Instead of using a public folder, just make a link. Then you can email it out. I use this method all the time with illustration work. Thanks for all you do, I really love this blog (and would love to read the archive PDF).

Bonnie Shaljean said...

Ok, GOT 'EM! Yaaaayyyyy

But they're HTML, not PDFs, so they'll only read as my default-browser pages (which is not the same on every computer, for reasons I won't bore you with). This isn't a big problem because it's easy enough to make my own PDFs of them, but I just wanted to mention that they download as web pages, in case they're not supposed to.

If anyone is new to Dropbox and is wondering how to get them out of the shared folder from the website: Right-click on each file, click the "Download" option, and your browser will copy it to your desktop (or wherever). I mention this because sometimes folder contents don't always make it into the app on my computer (or they're incomplete, or they take forever) so I have to trek over to the main site and get them from there. But in fact these showed up like a dream. (They're probably scared of what Janet will do to them if they don't...)

To make a PDF of a Sharkive webpage, click File in the menu bar at the top, then click Print, then Save As PDF.

WORD OF CAUTION: Be careful if you're typing the Dropbox URL not to miss the second O key and hit the P by mistake ("----bpx"). I did that once and got taken to a dodgy site which set the AV's alarm bells off, so it looks like some rogue bought that domain name to harvest unwary prey. It's a common typo which people probably make all the time (this may apply to the first O too) so Beware.


Janet Reid said...

I've sent invitations to share a folder on Dropbox to everyone who's emailed as of 11:59pm (EDT) on 3/25.

If you did NOT get an email back from me, email again.

Put SHARKIVES in the subject line. I had some trouble with the auto-reply on this at first.

Janet Reid said...

*burp* yes, the Shark ate the Sharkives for lunch in a feeding frenzy.

They SHOULD be back up now.

Sorry everyone. A little bump on the learning curve here.

Janet Reid said...

If you requested an invite to the Sharkives before 8:06am (EDT) today, March 28, you should have received a DropBox invite, and a reply from me.

If you have NOT, resend the email.

Taymalin said...

Got them! Thank you!

Janet Reid said...

Requests for access to The Sharkives are current through 3/30/2013 1:34PM (EDT)

If you sent before that and did not receive an acknowledgment or an invite RESEND the email to me.

Clarissa Kae said...

Where can we send the email (I'm assuming NOT the same email used for queries).

Janet Reid said...

QueryShark at gmail etc

Unknown said...

Dear Ms. Shark,


I have been reading the archives for six, count 'em, SIX days now. I'm almost done. Then I get to March of 2013. I see a heading titled, "Introducing the Sharkives--revised."

I will NOT yell at you, because then you might get really pissed at me and dump any query from me out of spite. Not that you would ever do that, because you are a truly wonderful example of the genus and species Carcharodon carcharias, but why take the chance?

So let me oh so gently, sotto voce, make a humble request of your most magnificent Sharkiness:

Would you please be so kind, in your infinite wisdom, to make mention of the Dropbox'ed PDF files of the archives in your "If you want your query posted . . ." section? Pretty please?

It's far too late for me, alas. But others would be aided by this knowledge. And for you, there is a better chance all queries will be read by new hapless chum if they have access, from the start, to said PDF'ed archives.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Unknown said...

I'm still super confused about how to get access to the pdf of the query archives. If someone who has done so and been successful can give me advice, it'd be much appreciated!