Sunday, November 28, 2004


These questions are drawn from those posted to the Questions? post.

The FAQ covers how QueryShark works, not general query questions.  (if you ask a question other than about QS it won't get posted. Things like "double spaced?" or "should I mention I live in Antarctica?" are not about how QS works. You can get those asked and answered at AbsoluteWrite  Check them out.)

If you have questions, post in the comment column here. I'll augment the FAQ as needed.

1. How do you choose which queries get posted on the site? Are they posted in the order received?

I look for queries with interesting errors, or errors on a subject I haven't ranted about previously.


2. If a query doesn't get posted, does that mean the author didn't follow the instructions?


3. How do queries for children's books differ from others you typically critique (if there are any differences?)

Read the archives. There are queries for picture books, middle grade and YA books on the blog.

4. Do you accept queries for children's books here on Query Shark?


5. When Query Shark goes back to being Clark Kent, according to her web site, my stuff does not fall into the things that she is usually looking for. So is it still okay to send a Query for critique? And - just in case the roof caves in or God arrives in Pittsburgh - if she likes it, do I send a query for the kind of material she doesn't handle?

yes. I critique work in categories I don't sell.

You can query me at New Leaf for anything you want. What's the worst that could happen? You'll hear "no." Despite intense lobbying, there are still no Query Police to run you in for Query Violations.

6. Are there winners which you don't post, given that 99% are not posted? Or do you post every winner?

No. Yes.
I don't use QueryShark entries as an auxiliary query pool.

7. How far back do you go in the e-mail archives to consider using a query as a post? When can I figure I'll never see that particular query used as an example?

120 days or so.

8. For the queries that end with "I'd request pages" from the Shark, do you request pages off the QS submission, or do you wait for the person to query you officially at your J.Reid email?

I don't request pages from QS postings. I'm glad when those authors do query since they have projects that sound interesting. I've read ten or so full manuscripts that I originally met here at QS.

9. If someone sends you a query but get an agent before the query is posted here, would you rather that person (a) do nothing, (b) send you an email saying "please pull my query from the pile" (and if so, how should one attempt to identify it to make it easier for you to find), or (c) something else entirely?

Withdraw the query. You don't need a critique because your query worked (hurray!) Send an email requesting it not be used. As long as the email addresses are the same, I can find you pretty easily.

10. Is there a similar site that deals with non-fiction queries?

As far as I know there isn't. If there is, could someone please let me know.

11. Is it okay to ask if you've signed up any Shark winners?

yes. One.

12. Really dumb question here.... what does FTW stand for?

For the Win. It means the query has been revised to the point that I think it's ready to go out.

13. I need help. Every time I try to send a query to the Shark I get a failure to send message. What am I doing wrong.

I have no idea.