Sunday, January 4, 2004

"chum luck"

My query writing skills improved dramatically simply by reading every single Query Shark entry (oh, yes I did!) and following your advice right down to the letter. Whether my writing passes muster is another story -- but hey, at least I have a fighting chance.

Dumb luck?
Nah. Chum luck.

Thank you so much for your guidance.

Thursday, January 1, 2004

"I would send you a chocolate bar or liquor as a thank you"

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say THANKS for your work on Query Shark- I am very grateful it exists.

I never got my query reviewed by you- but I read every single entry- and worked on my craft- and worked on my craft- and went thru seventeen versions of my query to get from BAD to GOOD (I got a positive response from an agent on this- my only goal with the query- to get a positive response).

Anyway, the advice you have given on Post (redacted) could have been me- a year ago. My first query was sh*t and it showed. You taught me what sh*t looked like, and how to make it much, much, better!

I would send you a chocolate bar or liquor as a thank you- but they don’t travel well in email- all the best and THANKS!

Revise I did

Dear QueryShark

After I posted my query on your blog -- having received the equivalent of an electronic shrug of the shoulders -- I was reluctant to post a revision. But revise I did, thanks both to you and to the comments from other posters.

I'm happy to say that last year I got a full-fledged agent, who got me a three-book deal. The first book comes out in January.

To avoid prospective readers from stumbling across the title of my book on your blog, I respectfully ask that you please remove my query (redacted).

On behalf of other posters, thank you for the dutiful (and voluntary!) service you provide to would-be published authors.

"just reading through your advice has helped me"

Even though I haven't submitted anything to you yet, I still want to say THANK YOU! Honestly, your blog has been extremely helpful to a newbie like me. I knew about query letters, thought I knew how to write one, even wrote one, but after reading a few entries I went and looked at what I wrote. I cringed and shuddered and trashed it. If it hadn't been for your blog, I'd probably have sent that catastrophe out and wondered why agents weren't interested. If just reading through your advice has helped me that much, I can only image the improvement I'd have if you critiqued my query letter when I finally figure out what to write.

I hope you keep on ripping and tearing (figuratively) up query letters. It IS appreciated. Thanks again!