Saturday, May 7, 2011

Very perplexing complaint

I don't get many complaints about QueryShark. In fact, none before this one.

Recently I sent a link to the QS to someone querying me. His query didn't work very well, and I thought I was offering him a second chance.

"Go to to see how this is done," I wrote.

Here's part of what he wrote back:

 I see no reason to pussyfoot around so I will simply say that, from my perspective, Query Shark is a scam and I think you should be ashamed of yourself for being involved.  I know the site probably makes you a lot of money, but those poor people who subscribe to the “service” seem to be desperate to have their work published.  Out of that desperation, they spend their hard earned money and valuable time, trying to get their Query into a form that you find acceptable.  

The only thing I can think of is that he saw "subscribe to this blog" and thought it meant send money. It doesn't. "Subscribe to this blog" is the way to enter this blog into your Google reader or other feed service so you know when it's updated. It's possible someone might not know this if they are unfamiliar with GoogleReader or RSS feeds.

QueryShark is free.

I don't charge you money to send a query, or critique your query if it's chosen.

You don't pay me; I don't pay you.

I know, it's nuts not to monetize the one thing people are desperate to get: query help. Sorry. I like to make my money the old fashioned way: sell my client's books.  You'll just have to settle for this being absolutely free.  And effective.